First WCS-Event as Green-Event!

SwingVester is also proud to be the first event worldwide within the West Coast Swing community to receive environmental certification.

This milestone underscores SwingVester's leadership in promoting sustainable practices within the event industry and setting a new standard for green initiatives in the world of dance events. By achieving this unprecedented recognition, SwingVester is not only revolutionizing the way dance events are organized but also inspiring others to follow suit in prioritizing sustainability and environmental consciousness. Join SwingVester in celebrating this historic achievement and be part of an event that pioneers positive change in the dance community while preserving our planet for future generations.

The certification of SwingVester as a Green Event brings a variety of benefits to participants. By committing to sustainability and environmental protection, event attendees can expect a unique experience that is not only entertaining but also contributes positively to the environment.


Participants can look forward to engaging in an event that actively reduces waste, promotes renewable energy sources, and implements eco-friendly practices. This creates a conscious and environmentally responsible event environment, allowing attendees to not only enjoy the event but also contribute to environmental preservation by participating in a sustainable event.


The Green Event certification provides participants with the assurance that SwingVester not only offers a top-notch dance experience but also has a positive impact on the environment. By choosing to attend SwingVester's eco-conscious event, participants can take pride in being part of a movement that advocates for a sustainable future.

Easily accessible venue and travel options without a car

The venue is easily accessible by public transport.

2 hotels are within walking distance for all participants.

We have created a separate page to provide participants with more information about transportation.


Priority communication of climate-friendly arrival and departure

Participants are already invited to travel to and from the event in a climate-friendly way when the event is advertised.

In addition, connections to the event location are presented and explained as a priority.



Motivation to travel to and from the event in a climate-friendly way

Carpooling is organized via Facebook.


Food: organic, seasonal and regional

Organizers use seasonal, regional and predominantly organically produced food and beverages (organic food with the appropriate seal of approval) at the event. 

Guide value: At least one dish and one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic main drink in organic quality

For New Year's Eve we have a caterer from Marchtrenk who ONLY uses local food.

Meat-free dishes: vegetarian and vegan

The catering should be predominantly meat-free and include vegetarian and vegan options. 

At least one meat-free dish


Fair trade products

Non-regional foods such as coffee, tea, cocoa or chocolate are sourced from fair trade.

Avoidance of food waste

Only as much food is procured as is likely to be consumed.

All employees and guests are encouraged to avoid waste. 

On New Year's Eve in particular, ONLY the number of menus ordered in advance are produced.

This eliminates waste.


Paper and printing

All event-related printed materials are produced according to the principle of minimal resource consumption: small print run, double-sided copies, use of environmentally friendly paper 

Guideline for printing: recycled paper

In addition, products are produced with the ÖUWZ.