Ben Morris

Building your dance to the music!

Marc Heldt

Teachers Training



How to teach Musicality, Drills und Übungen fürs unterrichten.

Animation im Unterricht, wie gestaltet man Unterricht damit alle Spass daran haben.

Hugo & Stacy

Past and Present Intensive.


Dancing to so many different music genres can feel really overwhelming, but we know you want to be able to dance your best regardless of what music is being played! Blues music? No problem. Slow lyrical? Got it. Fast contemporary? Yup! You are about to learn all the tools, characters and strategies necessary to confidently own any song from the past or present!


You will be fully engaged through this 4 hour class as we go through every genre you could imagine. We will start off exploring the past with Blues, Soul, Slow whip, and fast throwback. Then we will venture into the present and learn how to move to slow vibes, lyrical and hip-hop.

Deborah S. Székely

Sargent Székely Skills and drills for quality of movement in your dance..

Friday, 28.12.2018

CheckIn 14:00 -        
 Intensiv 15:30 - 17:30 Deborah Marc Hugo & Stacy Ben
Break 17:30 - 18:00        
 Intensiv 18:00 - 20:00 Deborah Marc Hugo & Stacy Ben
Party 21:00 -